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How to Know a Garage Will Meet Your Storage Needs

Many homeowners use their garage as a place to store household items they no longer wish to keep inside the home, such as sports equipment, tools and unused vehicles.

Sort your garage storage into piles marked ‘keep, sell or donate and junk.” Keeping items organized makes them easier to locate when necessary.


The garage is one of the most versatile rooms in any home. It can adapt to our needs in various ways, serving primarily as a place to park vehicles while protecting them from inclement weather conditions. Attached or separate, garages add value while becoming places where unorganized clutter accumulates making it hard to locate items when we need them.

A well-designed garage can help keep your space tidy and organized, serving as the ideal environment for working on DIY projects or storing sports equipment you don’t want in the house. When planning out your garage space, ensure enough room is allocated for your largest vehicle – although two vehicles could fit inside if utilized wisely! It may even be possible to fit two cars within a single-car garage but being selective about which items get stored there may help maximize available storage space.

When organizing your garage, it is advisable to divide things into categories and allocate spaces accordingly. Clear plastic bins are an efficient way of organizing belongings; many homeowners also create cubbies for each member of their household so when project time rolls around everyone knows where they should look for supplies they require.

Organization of your garage also means making use of its walls and ceiling space, such as using hanging storage systems to store sports gear out of sight and within easy reach, ceiling racks for ladders and seasonal sports equipment, or hanging workbench on one or more walls – perfect when undertaking smaller DIY projects!

Another excellent tip for garage organization is installing shelves of appropriate width for the items you plan to store. For instance, hand tools (like wrenches, pliers and hammers ) should be stored on narrow shelving while power tools such as drills, saws and sanders may need deeper shelves for proper storage.


Garages tend to accumulate more dust and dirt than any other room in a home due to being constantly opened and closed, with vehicles coming and going. Poor organization in terms of floor clutter hinders airflow, compounding this issue while making cleaning harder, with dust collecting in corners that later darken with age – becoming harder for cleaning staff to reach, as well as inviting pests like raccoons or skunks into your garage!

A garage is an ideal space for storing seasonal or specialty vehicles that don’t need to be in daily use; it should serve as an easy place for them to remain out-of-the-way while they wait their season or purpose to finish out. When these items return home again after their season or purpose are fulfilled – for instance a vehicle left stored for some time may require registration or inspection, which necessitates being pulled out for some period.

Signs that your garage doesn’t meet your storage needs include when you must park in front of the house due to no room in the garage for one of your vehicles, such as when parking outside of it on a driveway or parking strip is the only solution. If this occurs for any vehicle residing there, then now may be the time for major decluttering and organizing efforts in your space.

Start by sorting your possessions into piles labelled as “keepers,” “elsewhere,” and “junk.” Unless you plan on using that can of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass’ Whipped Cream & Other Delights in the garage again, toss it. Vinyl should also not be stored there as extreme temperatures could warp it; put vinyl into an “elsewhere” pile so you can find somewhere within the home to store it instead. Once unwanted items have been eliminated, focus on organizing what remains to make use of all available storage – installing shelving units, wall-mount cabinets and foldable workbenches (where you play online poker on any of the sites reviewed on the will help maximize all available storage without taking up extra floor space!


Homeowners use their garages as storage areas for items that don’t fit elsewhere in their house, including outdoor equipment, sports gear and seasonal decorations. Unfortunately, however, a garage that’s too full can no longer protect cars from rain and snow – if it has reached that point where parking your vehicle becomes impossible it’s time to review your storage needs and make modifications.

Clutter in garages is an immense problem, making it hard to locate items and creating safety risks. Yard tools, power cords, and unwound hoses present trip hazards; while stacks of boxes may fall onto someone walking by. Furthermore, an untidy floor restricts air flow and contributes to musty odors in the space.

Investment in an organization system such as pegboards or cabinets is highly recommended to keep items off of the floor and organized. Installing a slatwall hanging system and tool overhead racks can free up floor space while cabinetry offers additional storage solutions for larger items. You could also add a tabletop workbench for even greater utility in your garage workshop!

If you decide to organize your garage, start by purging items you no longer need or want. Schedule a charity donation pickup or yard sale as soon as possible for those items you no longer want or need; and organize any that are kept into categories like “sports” or “hand tools”, labelling the boxes with clear plastic labels so you can easily access them.

Once your things are back in the garage, take care to add insulation into any gaps between walls or ceiling. This can reduce drafts and help ensure your garage remains warmer during winter and cooler in summer. Do it yourself using open-cell spray foam insulation, or contact a professional installer of cellulose or fiberglass insulation.

Seal up any cracks or crevices around the door frame where cold air can infiltrate, or where water from melting snow and ice seeps into the garage, to reduce cold air penetration as well as prevent moisture leaking into your house and leading to mold, mildew, wood rot or other problems. Sealing up will help keep moisture out, helping prevent it from leading to mold growth, mildew production or other health concerns in your home.


Seeing through your garage floors or finding items difficult is a sure sign it needs a makeover, with an upgrade featuring smart storage ideas like slatwall hanging storage or overhead racks providing useful and easily accessible spaces for storage purposes.

Sort through the items in your garage and get rid of those you no longer require or use, such as those taking up valuable floor space. Plan how you’ll store those you use regularly such as bike racks for keeping bikes off of the floor while wall-mount folding workbenches with cabinets provide storage solutions that keep tools, garden equipment, and other necessities out of sight yet close at hand.

Overhead storage can be an ideal way to store items you don’t use frequently, like sports gear and holiday decor. Simply hang the items high enough so they’re safe but low enough that you can access them when necessary.

An important element of having an efficient garage is establishing an effective organization system that makes finding what you need easy. This could involve as simple a solution as placing containers with similar items together or more complex labeling and color-coding schemes.

Homeowners have increasingly taken an interest in improving the look and functionality of their garages in recent years. No longer is disorganized, overstuffed spaces acceptable; professional renovation companies such as Garage Designs Of St Louis offer full service renovation solutions to make the process painless for home owners looking to transform their space. Expert professionals who understand storage strategies can maximize storage while creating sleek designs to increase functionality – they may even suggest adding a floor coating as part of their solution to protect concrete while adding visual appeal – contact them today to turn your garage into the ultimate workspace and workspace!